Friday, April 22, 2011

Learning Online

This past fall, Independent Teacher Magazine published my article, "Learning Online: Supplementing Classroom Instruction with Virtual Review Sessions." Although I encourage you to read the article in full, here is the gist:
  1. For many students and parents, the value of an independent school education lies in the personal connections that students develop with intelligent and caring faculty and staff.
  2. At the same time, new technologies are transforming teaching and learning. As educators, we must recognize that the growing use of technology and the increasing availability of high-speed Internet-connections present tremendous opportunities for us and our students.
  3. Over the last several years, a number of websites have emerged that enable entire classes to meet online, unrestrained by the confines of the school building and limits of the school day.
  4. These websites, many of which I have used with students, have the potential to supplement our teaching as well as serve as key elements in school-wide emergency planning.
The article has more to offer, so check it out.

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