Friday, March 16, 2012

Beginning Emotion

Before spring break, my Theory of Knowledge students began their study of Emotion as a Way of Knowing, the penultimate unit in the first year of TOK. They began by considering why the statement "You're being emotional" is often taken as a criticism. This simple prompt—created, I must note, by Richard van de Lagemaat—led to a rich introductory discussion of the nature and function of emotion. I then presented Ekman's original six universal emotions and a chart which detailed the range of intensity of a variety of emotions. After break, as we continue our investigation into Emotion, I plan on sharing this recent post on the intensity of regret by Dan Ariely, in which he presents two stories—one about missing a flight and another about a man who nearly won the lottery—that reveal some of the complexities of regret. As the unit unfolds, I will share additional activities and resources here.

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